Established in 1968, Morpro has decades of relevant experience in the field of furniture and sport goods such as billiard, game tables and so on. We specialize in exporting the production of comprehensive range of furniture with high quality, competitive price and elegant design, which are perfect sculptures. Our main products are wooden furniture and we can also develop and produce in accordance with provided drawing or sketch.
  To manufacture functional and attractive furniture is our goal and perspective. Since the beginning, we have been making our efforts to offer satisfied products and maintaining the best service for our customers. We also take responsibilities to offer prompt delivery to our overseas customers.
  In addition, our many of the new design have received great applause and support from our customers. Therefore, we have observed good reputation among the same profession and gained the confidence of customers. We are flexible and responsible to handle any new inventions or potential products which may be related to our production capabilities.

At present, we export and distribute our furniture products mainly in Japan, Korea & US and we hope that we have opportunities to extend this furniture business to other countries in the future.
  MORPRO INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. は1968年に設立され、木の製品を輸出する専業会社として今日に至ります。商品の質は高くて、種類も多様で、良い価格で立派な商品を輸出します。